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Human resource

It is pretty obvious from the case itself that the company is facing problems in retaining the customer service representatives. According to the representatives some of the causes for high rate of attrition have been working on weekends, very little contact with the other departments, hesitance for cold calling, lack of remuneration for success, etc. Therefore in order to solve the problem of employee retention these problems need to be take care. Here are a few recommendations that may provide a way out.
One of the major causes of retention has been working on weekends. Customers can need help or support at any point of time in the day, hence the customer care representatives need to be there for help even on weekends. However, the each of the customer care reps the may not have to work on each of the weekends. For example a customer service rep may work on two weekends in the month and may get rest on the other two. The reps should be given some extra remuneration for working on the weekends. Another root cause for attrition has been the lack of fact between the reps. and other members. Hence from time to time job rotation policy can be used. This can reduce the boredom as well as give the reps an opportunity to understand the way the other departments function. It can come in real handy while handling the customer queries. Another problem has been lack of recognition for the reps. hence there could be a token of appreciation for the best customer service rep. of the month. Also they reps should be provided some extra incentives for each sale they make. This can also minimize the problem of hesitance in cold calling. But that is not all it has been mentioned by the reps that most of time problems faced is something beyond the control, such as billing issues or late delivery. Hence the organization should make sure that the end product is being delivered to the customers in time, ...
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As a matter of fact if job board is concerned it contributes to the highest number of applicants. However, no. of people joining through the job board source happens…
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