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Essay example - Applying People CMM to Your Organization-Part 1

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It has achieved success using its lean manufacturing process while other companies have tried the same process, but still fails. It is also known for its mass-market hybrids. Just like any…

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The company also recognized the need for a continuous improvement culture in order to sustain the process. Because of that, Toyota selects the brightest and best workers within the organization, from all levels, and challenges them to use their proposals and creativity to experiment and learn. This is a challenge that puts the workers through a constant problem solving state, and encourages them to grow in their jobs. Every specialty, for example; engineering, accounting, sales, service, and human resources, are equipped with skills which the company refines to achieve customer satisfaction. This continuous improvement culture could use people CMM for the company to achieve its targets (Toyota, 2014). Continuous improvement means the company will always have changing aims to meet. There should be a system of ensuring these aims are met, and this is where the people CMM come in. It provides staged improvements through which the organization’s culture can be changed. People CMM is a model of change that focuses on improving workforce practices. It has five levels of maturity, and these act as guidance through change. If Toyota, for example, wants to change the culture of the organization to a continuous improvement focused, it will make use of the maturity levels to meet its targets. The model describes an evolutionary process through which companies go through to achieve quality and effectiveness. Maturity levels determine the characteristics of the organization. Toyota, for example, already established a continuous improvement culture which it has to maintain. It means that the company has passed the initial level, the managed level, and the defined level. The initial level is all about the inconsistency of the practices. Toyota has a consistent practice of identifying the best skills, and guiding them through problem solving activities to develop new ideas ...
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