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"The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People"

nd discussion will be useful with respect to convincing the information provided within the text and appropriately/accurately engaging it within everyday life.
The first of these 7 habits that are discussed within the effects is that of being proactive. Ultimately, this is simplistic goal is one which is almost each and every individual can utilize within the course of their daily lives. For instance, by analyzing situations, understanding their determinants, and anticipating potential outcomes, be proactive individual will be more suited to maximizing their gains and situating themselves in a favorable position; regardless of the situation in question. Habits two and three are closely linked. Number two focuses upon the need to began with the end in mind. Accordingly, habit number 3 is contingent upon prioritizing goals and putting first things first. As the reader can accurately denote, both of these two habits can easily be applied within the life of the individual merely by taking time to consider the outcomes of key situations and planning the approach that would maximize their own best interests to the higher degree.
Habit 4 encourages the individual to think of the “win-win”. The application that this has is for the individual to break free of the zero sum game attitude that is so oftentimes part and parcel of the way that individuals engage with situations throughout their lives. However, by understanding an problem or issue outside of the terms of personal gain or benefit, analyzing it from different perspectives can be highly beneficial in terms of creating a degree of benefit for all parties involved. Further, habit 5 was concentric upon listening prior to coming forward with potential solutions or means of integrating with a particular issue. From a personal perspective, this habit was perhaps the most beneficial to this particular student; due in part to the fact that my proactive nature oftentimes leads me to seek an immediate fix to a ...
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Entitled The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Powerful Lessons in Personal Change, the book in question provides something of a simplistic approach to the way in which these seven approaches can be utilized as a means of maximizing efficiency and enhancing overall success…
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