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Organizational behavior - Essay Example

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Teamwork is a fundamental requirement for better outputs and performance in any organization. Team dynamics play a major role in determining the effectiveness of any team and its individual members to deliver the required outputs…

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Organizational behavior

Team dynamics is determined by many factors in the daily activities of a team. Trust between team members is the first thing that determines the effectiveness of a team. It determines how close team members work and interact at the work place. It also determines how open team members are to share information and experiences. All these affect the output of the team. Another thing that affects teamwork is participation. Full participation of all members in the activities of a team helps to boost the output of a team and the interaction of members in the team. Lack of participation in team activities causes disintegration and misunderstandings between team members, which leads to poor performance. Open communication also plays an important role in determining the success of a team. Good communication helps to boot understanding between members and promote sharing of ideas. This helps in keeping members updated and focused to their goal, which leads to good performance.
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