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Employee Portfolio: Motivation Action Plan for three employees

The action plan, post implementation, will be evaluated by reviewing the behavioural changes within the employees. Simultaneously, employee evaluation process would be conducted on a monthly basis that would provide an understanding regarding the changes brought in the employee’s behavioural traits through this action plan. These changes will have a direct effect on the performance of the employees through which, employees would be rewarded based upon their performances. This in turn would result in motivating the employees that would increase their overall performance thereafter.
As it has been proposed that employees will have to design their own goals and accordingly achieve it, it can be asserted that this strategy has a direct connection with the self-determination motivational theory. Likewise, the strategy of fulfilling psychological needs of employees also has a direct connection with the Maslow's hierarchy of needs theory. The strategy of establishing good working conditions along with providing high incentives can also be considered as a part of Maslow's hierarchy of needs theory, as it tends to suffice the self-esteem and safety needs of the employees (Robbins & Judge, 2013).
As a manager, to implement the aforesaid strategies, I will initially conduct a semi-formal interview with the employees. Following the interviews, I will take their reviews and viewpoints on a given situation as similar to theirs, in order to understand their expectations better. ...
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In this essay, a motivation plan will be designed for three employees. Their individual self-assessment and portfolio have been used to design the plan, with due reference to motivational theories as applicable in the context of every individual employee…
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