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- for management subject / MTV NETWORK

t usually poses unique challenges to an entrant that could endanger the overall performance of the business in that environment if appropriate counter strategies are not developed. In the case of MTV, entering the Middle East market was one of the most challenging steps mostly due to the reputation of the company, the country of origin, and the conservative nature of the Middle East citizens. The Arab culture is highly religious and conservative. It does not entertain any issue that may seem to undermine their religion. Islam, which is the main religion in Middle East, has direct influence in most aspects of the Arabs such as business and governmental way of ruling. The Qur’an prohibits alcohol consumption and has direct influence on most laws such as appearance of women and mode of dressing of women when in the public. This mode of dressing is very different from that exhibited in the western countries (Sabry, 2010). In the previous decades, the Middle East has despised the U.S over its support of Middle East’s enemies and its attacks in Afghanistan. These characteristics are the opposite of what would favor MTV and its working in the market. Being conservative implies that any attempts to bring westernization behaviors would be condemned by the Arabic world. In addition, the videos that MTV shows have a reputation of being explicit or possibility of significant percentage of nudity mostly for women. This cannot be condoned in the Arab world, which is conservative and requires a woman to cover their bodies completely when in public. Moreover, since the culture prohibits the usage of alcohol, showing videos of people taking alcohol, which is a western issue, would also experience overwhelming resistance and condemnation. Generally, the Arabic culture does not advocate for westernization implying that, being a U.S company, MTV would experience a big challenge before being accepted. This acceptance would call for massive changes on the company’s programming to ...
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This helps the business in evaluating the chances of success in that market and in determining market entry methods that would ensure optimal…
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