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Quality Management.

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The article titled “Towards a Better Understanding of Quality” by Hardie & Walsh (1994), gives an overview about the notion of quality management from a modern day perspective, elaborating on different theories. Discussion of the article initially emphasizes the traditional differences between qualities preferred and the actual quality outcomes. In subsequence, the article elaborates that with the implementation of the new methods, certain relationships could be identified among the different states of conditions, which has been referred with relation to (1) “how things ought to be” and (2) “how things are”. To be noted in this regards, the article successfully details out the quality relations among the different states and assists in understanding the common witnessed quality issues that impose strong impressions on the performance of an organization. Correspondingly, the article clearly diagnoses the quality problem faced in different states, providing a framework of the quality relations (Hardie & Walsh, 1994).
The key learning points of the article can be identified with reference to the findings inferred by the authors. To be noted in this regards, the differences of the quality relations of the two states of “how things ought to be” and “how things are”, form the common base of arguments in various theories concerning quality management. As noted in the article, the issues regarding quality aspects, prevailing in an organization, can be identified in terms of the gaps persisting between the two states mentioned above. However, with the gradual introduction of new and more elaborated definitions of quality, several quality relations ...
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