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Michael Porter on "Value Based Health Care Delivery.

By value-based, reference is being made to an era where service providers offer best value to patients. It is in the light of this that Plotkin and Orenstein (2004) explained best value to be one that caters for specific medical needs of patients. In the words of Porter however, such best value entails delivery that focuses on specific medical conditions.
This opinion held by Porter is certainly supported due to the inputs that he gives as to what constitutes value based health care delivery. From the video, it would be noted that Porter sees value based health care delivery as one that takes into consideration the need for service providers to focus on what they can do best based on their experience so that there can be better outcomes at lower cost. Very often, the problem that service users who are the patients have faced is a healthcare system where every service provider or facility professes to be a master of all trades. With their need to solving every other type of healthcare need, these service providers end up becoming masters of none and therefore giving patients very poor service. As a suggestion to what Porter offers, there should now be a mechanism where service providers will be made to earn anything from their service based on the outcomes ...
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Indeed as constantly as possible, stakeholders within the health sector are looking for ways in which the delivery of healthcare can be improved and made to be at…
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