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Customer Service - Assignment Example

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The responsibility of customer relationship department does not complete by just making the policies, effective evaluation of the…

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Customer Service

Customer service policy explains the code of conduct for employees; that is what they can do for customers and what they cannot do.
The main purpose of evaluating the performance of customer service policy is to identify the ways through which customer satisfaction can be increased. Customer service policy is designed to assist employees by providing them guidelines on how to deal with customers and satisfy their needs. Customer service policy evaluation provides information to the management about the lacking in customer service policy and ways to make constructive changes in policy design and execution (Kim, Haung, & Young-Gul 3). The information collected through the customer service policy evaluation helps organization to understand the difference between actual employees’ performance and the predetermined standards.
Customer service policy evaluation supports an organization in planning staff training and development programs. It provides accurate information about the job description of customer service employees and their training requirements. Effective evaluations provides information about the areas in which employees need training and management, design future training programs on the basis of collected information (Lawler et. Al 21).
Effective and responsive customer service provision helps organization to exceed customer satisfaction and creates superior customer relationship (Lakos, and Phipps 5). Customer perception is influenced by providing better services to them. Post purchase services plays vital role in increasing customer satisfaction. Organizations that assure post purchase services are considered good where as those organizations who fail to deliver post purchase services lose its customers and market share.
Setting customer service standards and evaluating them helps organizations to ensure that its customer relationship employees are working according to the requirements and policies. Companies whose customer care ...
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