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He was someone who excelled in almost every task assigned to him and it made Nick jealous of him and then starts the process of how professional jealously actually intervenes with the personal lives and can take its toll on the performance of the employees working at each level.
A closer look at the character of Nick Falzone would suggest that Nick was working in a profession which was not only stressful in terms of work requirements but also had relatively higher employee turnover. Due to the difficult work situation, Nick was in a position to respond to the situations in a relatively tensed and stressful manner so that he not only can establish his authority within the department but also establish himself as someone who is high performing and upon which department relies upon when required.
It is also clear while watching this movie that competition or professional jealousy between the employees not only hurt their personal lives or also their professional duties and responsibilities. it is evident that when competition between the employees can result into negativity and low productivity if the emotional side of the employees is not managed properly. The role of the organization therefore is of critical nature in such situations to help employees to balance their emotional and personal sides with effective stress management at work and in personal lives.
It is clear that Nick was following stress model because underlying his behavior was the stress which was arising from his deep rooted fears that he was working in an industry where jobs were relatively difficult and tough to perform. Apart from this, his personal life also seem to suggest that he was acting under the stress and was willing to do anything to preserve his ego and dominance over others.
Underlying the stress model is the basic assumption of our behaviors being driven by the fear and love. It is ...
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The movie starring John Cusack and Billy Bob playing the roles of air traffic controllers at New York and narrates the story of two co-workers who were actually engaging into a competition of managing the stress of dealing with air traffic control at the busiest airports of the…
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