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Airport Design

The stakeholders of the airport include customers, transporters, Government agencies, airlines companies, civil aviation authorities, airport management and the staff members. Therefore, the airport design should facilitate all of them in a balance so that there can be efficiency in all the working areas of the airport and thus giving benefits to the airport management. all of these aspect of the airport design should be managed in the planning session therefore it is the duty of the engineers to keep these things at preference.
The purpose of this research paper is to provide a guideline about the planning of an airport design. The main persons included in the process will be the airport managers, airport staff, airport planners, architects, and the overall aviation industry. However, these are the main persons in the planning process and then the construction process but throughout the planning and construction their main focus should be on considerations of the stakeholders and their concerns about the usage of the building. There are many of the important considerations or the factors, which are very important for the planning processes of an airport design. These factors or considerations are safety, Security concerns, operational ability, commercialism, financial support, aid, and the environmental conditions. In addition to this, there is a requirement of settlement with the local Government bodies and the civil aviation authorities. So that the airport management will not face any problem, form the legal agencies regarding any law or rules.
In this section of the report, there is a detailed description of the step by step procedure of planning the airport design, analysis of all the necessary components of an airport design and an overview of the primary users of the airports.
In the planning process of airport design, the first step is to gather and ...
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There are certain conditions, which should be considered before the planning process in order to facilitate the airport design and the services, which it will provide in the future. These conditions…
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