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Why do leaders lead in different ways?

This is what the leader does; instilling a sense of togetherness regardless of the dynamic. However, this is a daunting task for leaders who pick a wrong strategy or leadership style as they will struggle so much to lead them with the unsuitable styles. A question that may ring on one’s mind, therefore, is that why do leaders lead differently? What brings the diversity? Why do some leaders succeed while others do not? In this essay, an exploration of different leadership styles and ways in which they influence the followers will be discussed to help unfold the underlying factors behind leadership while at the same time answering these questions.
Leadership is not merely being in charge or in a position of authority. Effective leadership requires special skills in dealing with a range of people and the styles one deploy in this regard will extensively affect the team that is being led. To lead is to be in a control tower from which regulation, coordination, management of the followers is derived. Leadership, therefore, is a state of being in control of and in a position to command actions of a particular team for a specific objective. Leaders are mandated to direct and be in the forefront of any action a group or the team plans to undertake (Nahavandi, 2006, p.58).
Behavioural theorist put focus on the conducts and deeds of a leader. They countercheck the behaviour of the leader in leadership duties and see if their (leaders) actions are justified. Some leaders dictate, coerce, command and are rude to the followers yet they expect loyalty and collaboration. Robertson (2011) puts forth a conception that classifies leaders in different categories based on their leadership behaviours. These include: autocratic, democratic and laissez-faire styles of leadership. Autocratic leadership according to Robertson (2011, p.73) is a style in which the leader is the sole decision maker. Decisions in this style are ...
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The success of any group, cartel or an organisation that have a common purpose and works towards achieving the same objective significantly depend on their leadership. The ability to effectively coordinate, regulate, integrate and interconnect different heads and guide them…
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