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Management Issue Paper - Essay Example

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A potential problem that some organizations face is a lack of communication between the employees of a company. Communication is extremely important within an organization because when the lines of communication are closed in a company it leads to a series of detrimental consequences such as lower efficiency, productivity, and profitability…

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Management Issue Paper

Good communication starts at the top of the corporate hierarchy. The managers of a company are responsible for the work performance of the entire staff. Whenever managers are unable to communicate well with the employees the workers feel isolated and they may pickup bad work habits that can hurt the efficiency of the company. For instance a lack of communication from the managerial staff can lead to discipline problems and lower overall productivity. “Effective communication empowers employees and provides clear direction and feedback agents for employees to express their thoughts, suggestions and concerns” (Papa). Good communication can enhance the corporate culture of an enterprise. Corporate culture can be defined as the system of shared actions, values, and beliefs that develops within the organization and guides the behavior of its members (Schermerhorn, Hunt, Osborn). Having a solid corporate culture can help create a work environment in which the employees feel comfortable and happy in the workplace. Poor communication can be detrimental to a firm and lead to undesirable outcomes such as friction and conflict. When the workers display conflict among the staff it can cause damage to the morale of the employees in the firm. ...
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