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Community assessment and project planning

The paper explains the health problems and issues that were identified in the community and how the problems can be solved by utilizing the resources available in the community. This community assessment is a review of population health in Philadelphia, highlighting key health concerns as well as resources that can be utilized to combat the health problems that are identified. Conducting a community health assessment is the important activity associated with public health experts. Community health assessment enables both nongovernmental and governmental organization to identify community assets and needs, develop program and policies, allocate resources while at the same time monitor the public health changes in the community. The information was obtained from various health sources in Philadelphia such as the department of public and community health. Philadelphia is considered the fifth largest city in the United States of America. The 2010 population census revealed a population of around 1,536,006 people. The largest portion of the population is between 15-34 years old. Birth rates have also increased over the past decade. Philadelphia is both ethnically and racially diverse with at least a third of the population identified as non-Hispanic whites. ...
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The research paper is about a community assessment that was conducted in Chicago. Community assessment entails collecting, analyzing and utilizing data to mobilize and educate communities, garner resources, develop priorities and plan actions aimed at improving the health of the public…
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