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IKEA’s Corporate Social Responsibility and Supply Management

It is noted that since the year 2000, IKEA has worked actively towards meeting its set corporate social responsibility towards its business sustainability. The first area of CRS that IKEA started channeling its efforts was to meet the social requirement of its stakeholders by complying in its supply chain. In other words, IKEA created effective business relationship with investors and supplies towards sustainable business. Additionally, IKEA has made RCS its organizational culture that aims at enduring effective partnership with all stakeholders as it support social issues, protect the environment, and giving back to the society. Notably, IKEA is highly involved in the community development a responsibility that makes it in active interaction with its various stakeholders. IKEA has also set code of conduct within its operation to ensure that its employees interact among themselves and with other stakeholders in socially acceptable manners. IKEA started implementing its code of conduct in the year 2000. ...
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Corporate social responsibility is a way a company or organization regulates itself towards business sustainability. Organizations usually set CSR policies to help them regulate their functions by monitoring their businesses. These policies often ensure active compliance with laws, international and national norms, as well as meeting ethical standards…
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