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Management assignment

My objective work objective for the future is to work with Saudi Aramco Company and head the marketing department. Being the national producer oil the company is in a very strategic sector considering that oil and gas account for a good proportion of the country’s total GDP. As a marketing manager with the company I will be able to develop and marketing strategies with the aim of growing the company’s profitability while at the same time serving the common good of the public. I will for instance want to see the company give back to the community through CSR, participate in sponsorship of sports and projects that enhance national unity. Also by growing Aramco’s sales I will indirectly touching on the lives of many persons since oil products form the backbone of Saudi’s economy.
I think project management is very important and the skills learnt in the module will greatly help me my quest for achieving my wildly important goals. Skills such as working with different teams, diversity and divergent opinions as well as expatiations of budget, time frames and quality have really transformed by outlook. With these skills I believe I should be able to effectively achieve my wild goals and become a very successful global business ...
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This is because as an international business student majoring in marketing, I have to come to realize the very important role business plays in any…
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