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Design a Flowchart for a Process - Essay Example

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Flowcharting Date Flowchart on process in a casino Activities that are found n a process are usually related and simultaneous in the time that the activities happen. My process will deal with an example of a slot machine. The slot machine is a small box that is used to take in dollars made of silver and the box either returns the dollars or retains them in the course of the process…

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Design a Flowchart for a Process

If such a thing happens, the wins come from the bucket. The machine is designed in such a way that is able to keep the payout bucket filled automatically in the course of a play. After the payout bucket becomes full, silver dollars are then deposited in the second bucket that handles the winnings. The winnings bucket is usually periodically emptied in order for the winnings to be claimed from the casino. The flow chart that I have drawn shows the internal movements of the coin and the activities that take place externally that are controlled by the player. The machine is usually programmed in a manner that in case the payout bucket empties, the lights on the top side of the machine flash and the machine stops and that notifies the personnel in the casino that there is a person who has worn by emptying the machine. Most casinos usually size their payout buckets so as to ensure that the occurrence of winning is rare. If we perceive the payout bucket to be a buffer for silver dollars that usually helps in the automatic running of the machine (Kari, 1999). A payout bucket that is small will mean that a casino will require more personnel that are required to attend to the machine and that will also create more time that the machine will be idle as a result of lack of silver dollars. ...
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