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Business Level Strategy (Australian Football League)

It is apparent that the AFL has had great success over the past years despite its threat of substitute products. That is because the league is the highest level of professional sports competition in Australia that has moved towards financial management directions so as to enable the survival of its clubs. Besides, the football league is also the largest sports in Australia that has incorporated its initial clubs to compete even if they were its amateur bodies at first. Moreover, the league has continuously used the differentiated business strategy to make its services unique so as to have a competitive advantage over its competitors. However, the strategy has not effectively worked since the league continues to face various challenges from its closest rivals NRL and A-League. Besides, the league has also had other competitors in the football world such as Hawthorn Football Club that has a strong corporate branding and solid brand name. It is, therefore, evident that for the league to succeed it needs to develop a well-managed corporate strategy that will help it to manage its current challenges and also its future threats. Besides, that will also enable the league to grow and maintain efficient operations in the sporting industry. ...
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As the oldest league in Australia, Australian Football League (AFL) has adopted various business strategies to improve its operations and yield more revenue…
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