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Michael Eisner's Walt Disney company

Based on his interest in cartoons, Walt entered into a partnership to form “Iwerks-Disney Commercial Artists,” an initiative that made Disney develop an interest in the work of animation. To advance in his new career, Walt decided to borrow a camera from an advertising company, which encouraged him do develop further interest in Animation. Based on this drive, he managed to create the “Laugh-O-Gram Studios.” As his interest advanced in the field of animation, he opted to establish his firm after forming an agreement with Frank Newman to play the cartoons that Disney made in his theatre (Wasko, 2013).
Initially, “Laugh-O-Gram Studios” became relatively big before going bankrupt in Kansas City. A mouse, Mickey, inspired “Oswald” creation later on. This resulted in the phrase “It All Started with a Mouse.” However, after Disney lost the rights he had in “Oswald,” he embarked on the road to creating his unique character, the “Mickey Mouse.” During this time, Technicolor was taking shape in the industry, making it possible for Walt to introduce additional characters in his work. He won an award in 1932 after Mickey emerged as the most common cartoon in the animation history (Wasko, 2013).
Driven by the urge to create a full film, Disney initiated working on “Snow White” in 1934. He accomplished this initiative in 1937. This emerged as one of the highly successful film for 1938, which fetched more than $8 million for the company. Presently, this figure is equivalent to $132,671,390. After the success of “Snow White,” Disney embarked on a path to create Fantasia and Pinocchio. With the growth of Disney, Walt went to Hollywood and established the Walt Disney Studio before it went into debt. Here, although movies would not be considered as financially successful in the case of Disney, they had some degree of popularity (Wasko, 2013).
Furthermore, during the World War II era, Disney was ...
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Walt Disney is one of the popular individuals in the media industry who rose from the ground to building one of the most reputable brands in the world today. He laid notable emphasis on differentiation and business level strategy to grow his business. Historically, Walt Disney…
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