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Strategic Leadership 2

In addition to providing a wide variety of commodities, Wal-Mart’s Bud and Sam started establishing their individual discount store idea. During this period, discount stores were only found in large towns. Sam Walton asserted that if the prices were favorable, discount stores could be of tremendous help for customers in their respective areas (Rotwell, Prescott & Taylor 2008, p. 63).Wal-Mart has also used inside-out thinking during diversification. The organization continuously experimented with a number of retail designs (Merritt 2008, p. 97). The organization developed retail formats, for example, Dot Deep Discount Drugstores, Supercenters, warehouse clubs, and Helen’s Art and Crafts to promote their products and services. The warehouse clubs utilized a few lines and numerous commodities were available on minimal customer service and pallets. The idea was to make the most of the economies during buying, limit operating prices, and ensure the members get the savings through extremely minimal prices (Walton 2009, p. 554). In addition, a Supercenter mixed a grocery supermarket with a discount store. The Supercenter was open every day and hour of the week and included a number of specialty units, for example, photo lab, eyeglass store, dry cleaners, and hair salon. Wal-Mart also established a considerable online business via its websites. All these were based on internal instincts and knowledge of the leaders (Lianabel 2004, p. 61).Wal-Mart followed outside-in thinking in its international expansion. ...
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This paper "Strategic Leadership 2" assesses whether or not Wal-Mart has utilized outside-in thinking or inside-out thinking in its various activities. Wal-Mart follows both outside-in thinkings and inside-out thinking in its numerous organizational activities…
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