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Strategic Management

Political influence on globalization is taking a center stage in many countries because the more politically stable a country is, the higher their chance of improving and strengthening their international ties in terms of trade. Educational enhancement came along industrial revolution; several institutions admit international students, as well as, inter-University program hence strengthening international business. Appreciation of different cultural practices has been upheld; many people enjoy learning and being part of new cultures. Several people pay handsomely just to be entertained with cultural activities. Entertainment industries have enjoyed the fruits of globalization; it does not matter where an artist comes from because their arts are always received well in all regions of the world. Musicians performing in their locals languages have been able to conduct shows in foreign countries; their revenue has increased from international sales and live concerts. Environmental awareness has been enhanced because several summits and conferences have been held to discuss on natural resource management. ...
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Strategic Management Instructor Date Strategic Management Globalization refers to a state of modifying the economic setting, as well as, the life styles of the people. Globalization is influenced by several factors that include: political, technological advancement, social-cultural and economic forces; their pace and strength affects global issues…
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