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Topics Discussed in Class - My Participation in Class Assignment example
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  Topics Discussed in Class Name: Course: Date:       Topics Discussed in Class This essay will include my key contributions to the discussion topics all through the semester. In addition, the essay will incorporate a brief description of was covered by the presenters, how I contributed as well as some of the external resources I had studied as background for my contribution.


In their view, physical forces, such as technological restraints may make it demanding or even not possible to develop a significant international market. For instance, a number of developing nations contain such primitive storage and transportation systems that make global distributions inadequate or at times, impossible. The presenters made this claims when they were explaining the scenario using food as an example. This is because food is frequently damaged by the time it reaches the destination of business in particular nations (Jensen & Hansen 2006, p. 443). In addition, according to them, this fact can be compounded with lack of adequate sewer systems and unclean water. I made a contribution to this topic by asserting that exporters in the United States should be informed that particular technological disparities have an impact on the nature of exportable products. For instance, internet and computer utilization in a number of developing nations may be nonexistent or extremely thin. ...
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