Socially Desirable Merit Goods

Socially Desirable Merit Goods Essay example
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Merit Good in UK Name Course Course Instructor Date Introduction Merit goods are those goods that if left in the hands of free market players then it may be underprovided hence dissatisfying the public. The only way to ensure quality is when these goods are provided by the government because the government does not take into account private costs and benefits as in the case of the private businesses.


Private schools may not consider the long term benefit of education as the government does. This report discusses education as one of the merit goods provided in UK. Summary Government has the responsibility of providing education to all the citizens as a way of ensuring that everyone has equal opportunity in accessing education. Methods/ Procedures The resources used in this report are books and other scholarly materials. The government has the responsibility of ensuring implementation of expended schools initiatives and provision of financial support to schools to facilitate smooth learning environment. The government also has the responsibility of providing public schools with recreational facilities and further gives better education opportunities to all children. UK government must ensure that every child gets quality education with a very good start and further helping schools in delivering education strategy. Mainly the government has to ensure that schools have good infrastructure and provides students with better skills. The government should ensure that education provided to the public is very beneficial, effective and universal to all the learners. ...
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