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Essay Product Reassment Your name Marketing Name of Professor July, 2013 Hypothetical Product Reassment Introduction Proposal is for foreign distribution of fax machines. This product proposal is intended to benefit U.S. fax machines manufacturer/dealer, Canon and its stakeholders in the United States.


Definite measure to sustain the project is thru distributorship or partnership as specific form of entry to the China market. Picture of the product is shown in Annex 1, while profile of the company may be downloaded in its company website. Discussion . Life cycle of the fax machines in the United States have reached maturity and declining stages. It has been overtaken by fast technology changes in communication. At this stage, manufacturers are left with three options: to look for new markets, to accept its fate, or to upgrade features of its products to present a new appeal. While it seems that US market is saturated and has reached maturity, other foreign markets are still on a developing stage. One such country is China, that despite for its being big in terms of economic development, has low usage of Fax machines. According to CIA Factbook, (2013) China has a population of 1,349,595,895 and is considered the most populous country in the world. It has a literacy rate of 92.2% which is a very good segmentation target for the product. Repositioning needs a risk management plan that involves a market research. Since there are issues why the fax usage is low in this country, and before entry, a market research should be conducted in order to ascertain acceptability of the product. ...
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