compare the attitudes of Chinese students to two different brands: NIKE and PEAK

compare the attitudes of Chinese students to two different brands: NIKE and PEAK Essay example
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Compare the attitudes of Chinese students towards two different brands: NIKE and PEAK Research Objectives 1. Explore the direction of developments of the two brands It is evident that Peak has copied the business strategies of Nike in one way or another. Peak’s intention is to develop similar brand image and awareness as that of Nike in China.


Therefore the developmental strategies of Nike and Peak could be entirely different in China. Nike would probably give more emphasize to develop their own core competence whereas Peak might increase the market share through the copying of Nike’s marketing and brand building strategies. Since these two brands are extremely successful in China, it would be interesting to know their directions of developments with the help of contrasting marketing strategies. 2. Evaluate customer (college students in the age group of 18-25) attitude towards Nike and Peak Teenagers, especially the college students in China are more interested in branded products like Nike and Peak compared to old people or children. These people consider the ownership of branded products as a status symbol. From the interviews and questionnaire, data related to the purchasing behaviours of college students in the age group of 18-25 in China can be obtained. Since Nike and Peak are the best known products in China, it is easy to collect both primary and secondary data related to the college student’s attitude towards these two brands. 3. Explore the market segmentation of Nike and Peak Both primary and secondary data are important for collection of data in a research. In this research, primary data will be collected with the help of questionnaire distributed among Chinese college students. ...
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