"The impact of creative advertising on consumer's attitudes towards high and low involvement products"

"The impact of creative advertising on consumer
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The Impact of Creative Advertising on Consumer's Attitudes towards High and Low Involvement Products Table of Contents Introduction 3 Creativity aspects of advertisements 3 Classification of the products in the basis of involvement 4 Creativity in advertising 4 Effect of creativity towards the attitude of people 5 Effects of creativity on psychology 6 Conclusion 10 Reference List 12 Introduction The creation of products and services involves the participation of two different types of entities, the producer and receiver of service and products (Robert and Xiaojing, 2004).


The discussion here pertains to the effect of creative advertising on the attitude of the consumer (Punkaj, 2006). Creativity aspects of advertisements Advertisements are a way of communicating the concept and idea or views regarding the products and services (Allan and Michael, 2010). The impact or effect an advertisement over the mindset of the customer differs from person to person. The impact of advertisement is different for each type of customer. In order to create the required effect on the customer’s mind, advertisements should have an edge (Piercy, 2011). Edge comes from creativity aspect in advertisement. In order to bring creativity in the advertisements, four factors are analysed. These four factors are target audience, area, media used and the purpose of advertisement (Andrews and Smith, 1996). ...
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