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Strategic Plan for Paulo Freire Charter School Name University The comprehensive process of strategic management is a crucial phase in the establishment of procedures which guide an organization towards the achievement of its objectives and goals. Event though, business analysts believe that the application of certain measures of planning in this regard is valuable in yielding desired results regardless of the industry or the nature of the business, it is understood that strategic planning and implementation in the field of educational management requires the submission of distinct procedures which can assist the effective functioning of the institution.


The focal point of this notion declares that it has become highly necessary for school managements to realize and acknowledge the importance of developing a comprehensive strategic design in governing the operations of the institution. Therefore, the purpose of this strategic plan for Paulo Freire Charter School (PFCS) is to critically analyze, examine and assess the extensive categories of strategic planning and implementation with respect to the organization. The report aims to achieve this purpose by specifically addressing particular areas of strategy which are classified under the implementation plan, organizational change management strategies, strategic financial management and risk management plan for Paulo Freire Charter School (PFCS). Implementation Plan Gamage (2006) states that the stage of planning is conducted prior to decision-making as the entire concept fundamentally defines the chronological activities that are to undertaken by an organization for the attainment of its overall objectives. ...
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