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Customer Management Name: Tutor: Course: Institution: Date: Customer Management 1. Detail the reasons for conducting a CRM capability assessment? i. Increasing Benefits through CRM Capability Assessment According to Woodcock (2005, 270), companies are demanding effective tools, which are utilized in storing growing store of customer data in CRM systems.


For instance, CRM vendors are integrating functions of business intelligence via internal product enhancement; in fact, this process is involving seeking support from third parties. In this case assessment of CRM capability is considered as a way of bolting on analytics to operational CRM in order to create work for enterprises. In situations, where CRM customers are involved capability assessment becomes indispensable due to identification if crucial word that would drive vendor features set. There are situations where integration trend in the CRM systems that may render business-intelligence vendors unnecessary; thus, there is need for CRM capability assessment. Moreover, this serves as a way of identifying new opportunities for enterprises to identify substantial ROI from the costly implementation of CRM systems (Woodcock, 2005, 270). Therefore, this assessment enables the organization to identify things that are missing and determining whether capability is still turning data into insights that surpass technology enhancements. CRM capability assessment is also undertaken due to increasing variety of companies, who are concentrating on one or more aspects of analytical CRM. ...
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