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International marketing (Automobile Industry) - Essay Example

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Conclusively, it might be stated that, in spite of varied other range of vehicles, Evoque is the best vehicle presenting a symbol of status and performance. It comprises of all sorts of modern features and facilities to attract the attention of the customers as compared to others…

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International marketing (Automobile Industry)

This is mainly due to the presence of varied types of innovative features within both domestic and commercial range of vehicles (Belohlavek, 2008).
So, prior entering such a competitive market segment, any new organization need to analyze the requirements and demands of the customers. Only then, the new product line might position itself among other rivals of the market. Along with this, it might create a significant brand image and reputation in the market (Belohlavek, 2008).
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Jaguar land Rover is a popular British multinational organization operating successfully in automobile sector since 2008. It is entirely a subsidiary of Tata Group after acquiring it from Ford Motors. It is headquartered in Whitley, Coventry, of United Kingdom comprising of about 25000 employees in the year 2012. Due to the implementation of varied types of new and innovative features, the demand and craze of the product lines like land Rover, Marques and many others enhanced to a significant extent. As a result, it brand image and revenue of the organization also enhanced resulting in amplification of its net operating income by £2.402 billion by the year 2013. And its net income also increased by £1.215 billion by the year 2013, that proved extremely effective for the organization of Jaguar land Rover(Jaguar Land Rover Limited, 2013). ...
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