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Marketing Table of Contents Introduction 3 1. Landline Usage in USA 3 2. Declining use of landline in USA 4 3. Three possible actions that should have taken by the marketers of landline 5 4. Ethiopia - Best Foreign country to market the product 6 5. Segmentation and positioning of landline in Ethiopia 6 Works Cited 8 Name of the Student: Name of the Professor: Course Number: Date of the Paper: Marketing Product Assessment Introduction The research paper elaborates the fact behind obsolescence of land line usage in United States of America (USA).


The research paper describes how the usage of landline is endangered by the invention of new technology. The best foreign country where the telephone manufacturers of USA should market their products is in Ethiopia, Africa. The marketing strategies to target and position the products are also elaborated in the paper. 1. Landline Usage in USA During the 20th century, landline has been the only source of communication in USA. More or less every household had the access to landline for their communicating purpose with the outside world. There have been times when a particular village in USA used to have only one phone and that phone has been their only source of communication with the outside world. Landline not only served as the only mode of communication for the people of USA at that time but it also acted as a savior in time of emergencies. The target market of landline in the 20th century was the upper class people who could afford the costly rental connections. Landline connection was not at all cheap for the lower income group. But with the advent of wireless phones and the Voice Over internet Protocol (VoIP), the use of landline is slowly becoming obsolete. ...
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