M019 Regular Assignment - Understanding Retail

M019 Regular Assignment - Understanding Retail Essay example
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Understanding Retail Status of E-Tailing in the Past Five Years Internet retailing is known to be the most revolutionary and challenging innovation in the last two decades. There has been a significant rise in e-tailing in the last five years within the western countries; however, e-tailing is still in an infancy stage in other parts of the world.


E- Tailing companies such as Onsale, @home, Webvan and Boo.com have experience their fair share of failures and were eventually closed down (Caroll and Casey, 2004:2). This goes ahead to prove that not all e-tailing companies have been successful in business. High street retailers have been in existence for a long time and have substantial loyalty and a wide customer base in the global market (Shepherd, 2007:66). They have strong brand names that are easily recognised by the consumers and this makes it easy to sell their merchandise on their online stores. Renowned fashion lines, mobile companies, food joints have a well established online business that contributes to a considerable amount of their income. New entrants have a hard time competing with these high street companies. High street companies have a competitive advantage since they have more resources, state of the art technology and better customer loyalty. It can be noted with a lot of concern that e- tailing is a relatively new concept in some parts of the world. However, they are slowly catching up with the spread of the internet across different parts of the world. ...
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