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Marketing Communications Introduction All organisations, small and large, government, commercial, charities, broking, educational and other private firms require some kind of communication with specific stakeholders, if not all. The objective might be sources of services and materials in order to do business or undergo collaborations with private and third parties in order to distribute their services and goods.


Marketing communication can be described as a tool which is utilised for the promotion and branding of a firm as well as its offerings (Govoni, 2004). The impact of organisation on the overall marketing process and marketing communication identifies the factors affecting those processes. Marketing communication can also be described as an assimilation of various ideas, designs, and campaigns in order to percolate a particular message to the target audiences. According to the traditional marketing communication, there are five major tools used in communication (Kotler, 2004). These are advertising, personal selling, sales promotions, direct marketing and public relations. Media can be described as the medium through which these communication tools reach the target audience. For a long time, a predictable and formulated mix has been used, for example, different communication and media mix is used for business-to-consumers and business-to-business audience (Williams and Cutis 2012). Technology and social media have complicated the traditional marketing mix and organisations have now started to explore. ...
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