Marketing concept of British Gas

Marketing concept of British Gas Essay example
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All the firms strive to make profits. The core objectives of most of the firms are to maximize sales to increase revenues. The management of the company targets a particular customer segment and aims at catering their needs.


Amongst the utility providers British Gas is a lot more diversified. This is because the company adapts to the change in environment. It has distinctive capability to sustain the commercial agility. The management of the company sticks to the vision that is set by the decision making of the company. The operations of the group are significantly stable because the group has a set direction and it also has the resources which are required for sustaining the company.
Application of the Marketing concept in the 21st century emphasizes on the importance of satisfying the customer needs to ensure that the marketing process is effective. The competition between the competitors is increasing in the industry. This requires for the companies to strive for excellence and acquiring cost advantage that will benefit the company in accomplishing its goals. The traditional concept of marketing comprised of targeting on improving the quality of products which spoke for themselves and improved the productivity of the company.
British Gas is a company which operates as a utility provider in more the 20 countries. The group is showing renowned for its excellent services and this is a major contributor to the edge which it has acquired. It is renowned to offer the services precisely tom cater the needs of the customers which shows the application of Marketing concept by the company. ...
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