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To: From: Date: Subject: International Nutrition Business Description International Nutrition Company manufactures an assorted sample of animal feeds that include poultry, cow, and pork feeds. The company has ensured that it provides quality feed for animals and maintains this at all times, regardless of the country of its operation.


It is a fully approved company by the Food and Drug Administration, holding ISO registration number ISO 9001:2008. Being in the local business for over 40 years, the company has been operating global offices for the last 20 years, with its head office in the United States. Among the services that the company offers to its customers are being an excellent animal health distributor, feed manufacturer, and a producer. The company first went global, and out of United States, in 2005 when it first opened its doors in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. Currently, the company has offices in all regions of the world. Due to the high growth of the Southeast Asian market, International Nutrition located professionals in the city to help its customers realize their full potential in their livestock and poultry farming. Its biggest market, however, remains the United States, although the new markets have registered an increased demand for its products. Uniquely though, in some regions, it provides certain products and leaves others. Global Business Expansion for International Nutrition There are a number of factors that lead to either a high or low entry of international companies in a country. First, a heavy tax system that is highly regulated is one of these factors. ...
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