Branding, Pricing, and Distribution

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Branding, Pricing, and Distribution (Name) (University) (Date) Branding, Pricing, and Distribution Introduction The Trendy Fashionista cannot sustain its light weight bags business successfully unless it pays particular attention to developing competitive branding, pricing and distribution strategies.


As discussed in the previous paper, the company has retail stores in the United States and Australia. Considering the current position of the Trendy Fashionista, it is better for the company to develop a unique product branding strategy to market its new light weight traveler bags. According to the unique branding strategy, only one product manufactured by the company is marketed under a particular brand. When several products are marketed under a brand (corporate branding strategy), the brand image would be affected if any of those products fails to meet quality standards or performs poorly. The unique branding strategy would prevent this situation and assist the Trendy Fashionista to promote its new product lines effectively. However the company may adopt a range branding strategy, which is a mixture of unique branding strategy and corporate branding strategy while operating in a global market context. Pricing Strategy It is a great challenge for the Trendy Fashionista to design a pricing strategy for its newly planned light weight bags because this business concept is new and therefore market uncertainty is high. In this context, it is advisable for the company to practice the price skimming strategy to deal with brand positioning effectively. ...
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