Globalizing a Local Brand.

Globalizing a Local Brand. Case Study example
Case Study
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Globalizing a local brand Executive Summary This study deals with global market analysis of Wiggles. The study mainly focuses on the company business operation in one of Middle East Countries. The country selected for this study is United Arab Emirates or UAE.


In international marketing, it is important for any company to judge the external environment before entering into a new foreign market to understand the feasibility of the business in the target country. The evaluation of external environment is very essential and it is a continuous process. In the light of the all the external environmental factors the crucial factors that are important to know are market growth of the particular industry and the organization’s growth. From that only, anyone can actually understand the performance of the company. For example, if the market is not good in a particular region then it’s obvious that a company should maintain caution while going to international market. The host country’s political and economic conditions play a major role in understanding the potentiality of the company. The branding of Wiggles is also important aspect here to understand the situation. This study has analysed the entire business situation of the company on the basis of the mentioned criteria. ...
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