Marketing to a Developing Country

Marketing to a Developing Country Essay example
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Marketing to a Developing Country Name of the Student University Date 1. Briefly describe the country that you have selected using the facts from the Country Commercial Guide. Explain why you decided to export to that country. Support your decision to export to that country with facts from the Country Commercial Guide.


It is estimated by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) that in 2013 the country will exhibit a growth of about 7.8% in its Gross Domestic Product. The growth rate of the country is significantly slowing down in the last 13 years because of the new believe of the policy makers. The policy makers in China now believe to have to sustained growth other than simply having a volatile high growth rate (Gordin, 2011). The country has adopted a new economic model that primarily intends to expand the sectors like consumption, service and innovation. Toys played by the children are luxury goods in nature. It is empirically true that the growing yield of per Capita income level will increase the purchasing power of the big strength of the Chinese population. The country had a strong socialistic economy, over the last few years the nation has adopted liberalization in free market principles. The state attempts to increase its consumption activities from 35% of its GDP to 50% from 2010 to 2015 (Buyusainfo, 2013).Thus precisely if a business owner intends to spread business internationally for the first time then the growing market of China can be a good starting point. China is a labor surplus economy so it would be easier for the business firm to expand its business with cheap waged laborers. Furthermore the country is expanding over its level of domestic consumption. ...
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