Marketing Concept of Coca Cola

Marketing Concept of Coca Cola Essay example
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Relationship marketing forms an integral part of the organization and requires cooperation and active participation from both the sides. Relationship marketing includes a wide concept and encompasses wider elements like customer- marketer, marketer -supplier and buyer- seller relationship.


After manufacturing cola beverages for 70 years in a singular flavour, the company decided to develop drinks in varied flavours. This decision was taken to yield profits from more than a singular segment and also diversify their risks. The company started manufacturing juices and selling it under the brand name Minute Maid to portray the brand as a health beverage manufacturer. This decision was taken because the company was accused of being a significant contributor for increasing obesity and other health concerns (Coca Cola, 2013c). During1980’s the company started manufacturing sugar free and low sugar content drinks under the brand names “Diet Coke”. This decision was made to strengthen the brand image of the company. Mr. Roberto C. Goizueta also introduced a drink with a relatively new flavour under a new formula which was popularly termed as “New Coke”. However, coke started manufacturing drinks under the original formula to regain the customer and critic confidence. ...
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