Relevance of marketing concept to the 21st century business of sainsbury

Relevance of marketing concept to the 21st century business of sainsbury Essay example
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For Sainsbury retailing is more than just great service and quality products. It is basically more about helping and supporting the communities where Sainsbury operates, and proving to be a good neighbour. Sainsbury aims at being at the heart of all the communities they serve in.


Marketing is science of choosing the target market via market segmentation and analysis and also getting the insight of the consumer buying behaviour and giving them superior and better customer value (Roe, 2004). Description of the Marketing Concept The marketing concept is goal oriented and integrated concept that producers of services and goods practice and the basic focus is upon the satisfaction of needs of the consumers over needs of the company that is producing (McCarthy, 1960). The marketing concept says that the needs and the desires of the target market should be determined and fulfilled so that the goals of the producer can be achieved successfully. The major role of marketing is to assist in the identification, satisfaction and retention of the customers. The loyalty of the customers can be gained by constantly delivering the competitive advantage. A general term that is used for describing the various kinds of options that are available to the company for bringing their service or product into the market is known as marketing mix (Fletcher, 2004). There are four Ps that come in this marketing mix that mean product, promotion, price and place. The value added selling concept is gaining importance day by day for quite some time now. So many services and products in the market today are considered to be commodity and therefore the addition of value to them is absolutely important. It is very important to provide a high professionalism level and an expert advice. ...
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