The Home Depot in Chinese Market.

The Home Depot  in Chinese Market. Essay example
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The Home Depot in Chinese Market.
Do it yourself is a largely American culture that has spread to the rest of the north American continent through popular culture and social factors, as well as economic ones.


With this, home improvement comes up and there are numerous stores and companies that supply products and advice on how to make one’s home better by installing additional hardware and items to it. This is widely appreciated throughout the world, but in some cases it is only done by contractors based on the economic status of the people involved. One such company that provides these supplies Home Depot which operates across North America. However, attempts to venture into Asia failed miserably when the company attempted to establish itself in China by providing supplies for home improvement through do it yourself antics. Different reasons have cited for this failure, but there is no full consensus on the key causes of the failure of such a large company that was unable to replicate the success of its north American operations in China. This makes it necessary to look into the causes of this failure and how they served to drive the company out of China. Background The history of Home Depot spans over three decades since its inception in the year 1976 in Atlanta Georgia, where the initial Home Depot store was inaugurated in the same year. The main concept of opening the store was to provide comprehensive supplies to all clients who sought after home improvement equipment and provisions in the name of “do it yourself”. This made the company into a di it yourself supply chain across the state of Georgia after the establishment of additional stores. ...
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