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MRKT19031 - Consumer Behaviour

Table of Contents 1. Introduction 5 2. Creating decision matrix 5 2.1. Accommodation options 5 2.2. Evaluative criteria 6 2.3. Decision matrix 6 3. Application of compensatory decision rule 7 3.1.2. Rating each option against each of the criteria 8 3.1.3. Compensatory decision rule to calculate which option this respondent is most likely to choose 9 3.1.4 Calculation results and real choices. 9 3.2. Respondent 2 10 3.2.1. Ranking evaluative criteria (based on the allocation of 100 points importance score) 10 3.2.2. Rating each option against each of the criteria 10 3.2.3. Compensatory decision rule to calculate which option this respondent is most likely to choose 11 3.2.4 Calculation results and real choices. 11 3.3. Respondent 3 12 3.3.1. Ranking evaluative criteria (based on the allocation of 100 points importance score) 12 3.3.2. Rating each option against each of the criteria 12 3.3.3. Compensatory decision rule to calculate which option this respondent is most likely to choose 13 3.3.4 Calculation results and real choices. 14 4.1. Why are respondents' rankings of evaluative criteria different? 14 4.1.1. Demographic reasons 14 4.1.2. Personality reasons 15 4.2. ...
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Title page Executive summary Strategic marketing implies knowing how people make their buying decisions. For this purpose it is important to understand what particular demographic and personal characteristics of the target audience influence the buying behaviour…
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