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Social Media Marketing Plan Outline “Lips-to-Go” Restaurant Name: University: I. Introduction A. The importance of social media. According to Turner and Shah (2010), Social media has become the hub of modern marketing and advertising. Unlike traditional advertising media such as television and print media, social media provides for a very interactive method and engages the people at a more personal level…


Social media provides for a platform where the target market can interact with the business by responding to the messages which the organization posts online. II. General Company Description. A. Name, location, product/services. Lips-to-Go is a restaurant and cafe located in Burlington, Iowa. Lips-to-Go offers foods of all types to its customers. Apart from selling food to individual customers, Lips-to-Go also offers mass catering services to groups and parties. For instance, the restaurant offers catering for graduation ceremonies, wedding catering and other social functions. The dishes include dishes of baked chicken, pizza, salads, soups, various other variations of chicken, lip specials, etc. B. Local demographics / target audience. Lips-to-Go is located in Burlington, Iowa. The local population of Burlington is about 25,665 people according to 2010 population census. Of the 25,665, residents in Burlington, about 23.7% are under the age of 18 while only about 6.9% are under the age of 5. This leaves 16.8% of the population in the age between 6 and 18 which is a prime target for social media marketing. Furthermore, of the 25,665 people in Burlington, only 17.4% are 65 years and over. This leaves about 58.9 to be between the ages between 18 and 64. ...
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