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Analysis of Asda Money Using Lauterborn’s 4Cs Approach By <Student’s Name> Course Instructor’s Name Institutional Affiliation August 16, 2013 Analysis of Asda Money Using Lauterborn’s 4Cs Approach Introduction and Case Overview The 4Cs model was reportedly proposed by Robert Lauterborn due to the recognition that focus or emphasis must be shifted from the traditional product centric approach provided by the 4Ps, to a more consumer centric approach (Creative & Cultural Skills, 2013; Shimizu, 2009).


The current discourse aims to discuss how Asda Money is meeting the needs of its customers by entering chosen financial services markets using Lauterborn’s 4Cs approach: customer value, cost, communication, and convenience. Customer Value Customer value is defined as “the value that you provide that determines your position in the sector or market/s” (Creative & Cultural Skills, 2013, p. 1). In Asda’s case, customer value is the value that the organization would provide in offering Asda Money within the retail market. As explicitly defined, Asda Money offers three distinct products or services: the credit card, currency exchange, and insurance. ...
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