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Hovey Insurance & Financial Services Name Course Tutor’s Name Date Challenges facing the implementation of the plan Hovey Insurance & Financial Services faces a number of challenges in the implementation plan for the website project. For successful implementation of this project, the company has to devise ways and means of solving these problems.


If these fees are unsuccessful, the organization cannot successfully move the project to the completion stage. The dynamism with which the business environment is changing with constrains all organizations in business. In the current business environment, few organizations have surplus resources. If anything, they struggle with the limited resources and tight budgets to realize their objectives. Hovey Insurance & Financial Services Company, being part of this environment, has to contend with the high competition levels and low budgets. This at times bends the organization to opt for the lowest bidder while seeking the right people to deal with in the development process. Low bidders mean that the organization cannot afford the best brains, the most knowledgeable and the most experienced specialists in the market. Subsequently, the quality of products may not meet the expectations of the planners while it may take a longer time before completing. Lack of information technology is yet another problem facing the company. In the current business environment, technology plays a crucial role in the success of the business. Currently, most of the organizations have computerized their operations to suit the global demands and quality requirements of goods and products. ...
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