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The strategy implementation is a fundamental task in turning the mission and vision of a company into reality. The implementation process of a strategy encompasses a series of actions and tasks.


This study intends to draw a strategy implementation plan for Apple Inc. The strategy or the plan which has been formulated to implement is the online service platform. Apple is arguably one of the most flourishing companies of the world and has one of the most noteworthy brand names of the modern era. The new product launch of the company is an awaited event across the globe and customers have high anticipations from the products of the company. Furthermore, the financial performance of the company is also exemplary. However, the success of the company can be attributed to two main factors; the presence of innovation in every division the company and the visionary leadership of Steve Jobs. The company headquartered at California, USA operates in almost every part of the world. As of 2013, the company had 408 retail outlets spread across 14 countries of the world. The competitors of the company are Samsung, LG, Nokia, Panasonic and Sharp to name a few . The company targets only higher income group and as a result of that the market size of the company is limited. Despite the large business volume, strong market position and good reputation in the market, even the target customers of the company are sometime not considering the purchase of their products due to concerns over the service. As a result of that, this study proposes to develop an implementation plan of the online service platform. The plan is described below in detail.
The objective is to develop an implementation plan for the online service platform. It is believed that the company will be able to tap that segment of consumers in the market who give high priority to the after sales service of a product. ...
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