IMC and Customer Satisfaction

IMC and Customer Satisfaction Essay example
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Trendy Fashionista Marketing Strategy and Customer Satisfaction Name: Institution: Course: Tutor: Date Question1: Discuss the company’s advertising strategy and how it aligns with its marketing goals. Due to our target market of consumers within the age of 20-35 years the company intends to apply an online/internet marketing strategy.


Guided by the company’s culture of ensuring that customers look trendy thus keeping up with fashion, we will go deeper in establishing and maintaining a closer and an in depth touch with our clientele and referrals. We are intending to incorporate the following personal marketing means: Email marketing whereby we shall be sending emails to our customers on a weekly basis informing them of new products and designs in them. We are also planning to use our clientele phone database to reach them through short messaging services. To reach referrals in places that we have not yet set our distribution and retail outlets, we are planning to use search engine optimization and search engine marketing once we develop our company’s website. In mean time, we are outsourcing content marketing with social media likes of face book, youtube, instagram and Olx. This is in line with our advertising strategy of marketing mix which much influenced by distribution costs, the type of marketing that we intend to use and the financial status of the company at the moment. With the product strategy we intend to have pictorial captions of all the products and design in stock and post them in the social media. ...
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