Marketing Strategies of Samsung Electronics and Apple Incorporated

Marketing Strategies of Samsung Electronics and Apple Incorporated Essay example
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Certainly, the electronics industry is a competitive one with the main companies operating in this industries being multinationals. Apple Inc.


Due to the heightened competition, both Samsung Electronics and Apple Inc. have embarked in strategic marketing operations over the past five years in a bid to woo more customers. They have done this through the consideration of certain aspects of strategic marketing that include market segmentation into various unique products such as the smartphone for Samsung and the iPad for Apple. In this case, the companies consider special target markets for their products by looking at both the micro-environmental and macro-environmental aspects of their markets. The findings show that through strategic marketing approaches that include positioning and targeting strategies, the two companies have been able to stay afloat in the competitive market of electronics industry. Every organization that operates in the business environment understands the significance of applying good marketing strategies in order to gain a competitive edge in the market (Ottman, 2011). In most business enterprises, marketing comes in as a first priority as it ensures that customers are adequately satisfied through regular contends and improvements (Doyle, 2008). Although virtually every market environment experiences varying degrees of competition, the competition so encountered at the global market is normally intense to the extent that call for extraordinary marketing strategies (Groucutt, Forsyth, & Leadley, 2004). Concerning the multinationals that deal with a wide range of products, certain crucial marketing principles and practices give them an edge, as their main intention is to appeal to a diverse clientele across the globe (Park & Gil, 2006). ...
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