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Promotional Action Plan Introduction Marketing plan is an essential tool for any business plan. The best marketing plan is the composition of different marketing strategies that is best suited for the organization as well as for the industry. Promotion is the one of the most important P among the 7 P’s of marketing.


For the analysis, a healthy FMCG snacks products has been selected. The company is new in the market and does not have a huge capital to use the promotional mix together. As a new comer in the market the company should focus on its budget. It is important for a new brand to create more and more awareness among the customers by raising the reach of the promotion. But new brand has some budget constraints also. After analysis of all the factors some strategic action plan has been discussed in the report. Discussion Action Plan 1: For availing maximum number of customers it is important for the company to provide television advertisement but as the budget constraint prevails, the company would focus on newspaper advertisement first as newspaper is the second important media through which maximum people can be approached. For the FMCG products it is important to select the newspaper that is mostly popular in urban and rural area both. It should target the mass customers for its products. The elements of the good layout are Border, Heading, price, color, signature, creativity. Using more of whitespace encourages the differentiation of the advertisement from the cloud of all other ads but it is advisable to keep a minimum white space as the company’s budget is low. The company logo should be used in the top of the newspaper add. ...
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