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Service Delivery & Encounters Executive Summary Services marketing are an important concept, which helps the marketer understand the varied dimensions of marketing activities. The services are produced and consumed simultaneously which have a role to play in the production process and helps in solving the customer’s solutions.


Table of Contents Executive Summary 2 Table of Contents 3 Introduction 4 Case Encounter 1: Travel & Tourism Industry 4 Case Encounter 2: Telecommunications Ltd 7 Case Encounter 3: Movie Rental 9 Case Encounter 4: Online Book Ordering 11 Case Encounter 5: Airline Ticket Booking 12 Conclusion 14 Journal Template 15 Introduction Services are intangible products offered to customers and are usually a series of activities which take place as a result of interaction between the customers and the service provider. Execution of different strategies has been complied under thoughtful consideration, which is also called the gap model of service quality (Zeithaml, et. al., 2011).This type of marketing is also known as relationship marketing, which revolves around delivering customer expectations and transactional marketing (Rao, 2011). Services are difficult to describe and communicate and are evident when there is new service development and the management works upon these concepts to fulfil the customer needs and expectations (Udayton, n.d.). The quality of the services delivered by the manufacturer to develop contact with customers personally is influenced by the generalized market standards. ...
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