IMC and Customer Satisfaction

IMC and Customer Satisfaction Assignment example
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IMC and Customer Satisfaction First name, last name Subject Professor Submission Date IMC and Customer Satisfaction The company’s advertising strategy looks at how the company can encourage and get customers to want and demand their goods and services. The strategy looks at many aspects of getting products to the customers by looking at all the aspects of customer demand such as the types of people that would demand the goods and service and where they are, the most optimal pricing ranges as well as the various advertising media that Aare available for use in advertising the company’s goods and products.


Thirdly the advertising strategy must align to the marketing goals by ensuring that the advertising spends results in the expected revenue and marketing goals and thus ensuring that the resources spent on advertising are not wasted or spent in markets where little revenue is expected. There are different ways to measure the effectiveness of advertising but these vary from type of advertising that is being looked at and also in their accuracy. There isn’t a really scientific way of accurately measuring advertising per se but there are many ways of looking at the impacts of advertising and from that being able to get a measure of the effectiveness of a particular advertising strategy or campaign. The most important aspects of advertising that are measured include recall, recognition and revenue. ...
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